Professional Women Photographers Exhibitions
Professional Women Photographers Exhibitions
American Album My NYC Dreamscapes

Adele Epstein


The Covid-19 pandemic kept me inside much more than usual, and I used that time to review my extensive image library and to think about new directions to take my work.  The result is a greater emphasis on the creative use of photography, on looking for the unique and startling, and on comparing and compositing images to explore see how different subjects have much in common, and interesting things to contrast.

ADELE EPSTEIN - Love the Rides
10" x 8" - $200
ADELE EPSTEIN - Coney Island Beach
10" x 8" - $200
ADELE EPSTEIN - Magic Mushrooms
16" x 11.32" - $350
ADELE EPSTEIN - You Can Not Hide
10.67" x 16" - $350
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