Professional Women Photographers Exhibitions
Professional Women Photographers Exhibitions
American Album My NYC Dreamscapes

Claude De Backer


Opacity, transparency, abstracts and visual puzzles are my preferred subjects. The image titled “Schism” is one of a body of work reflecting the dissonance we have been experiencing in the pandemic, the polarized political discourses. We are now living the alarming crime statistics, the imminent threat of war, and the barely perceptible dissolution of the American dream.


It is a visual experiment in decontrol: shoot madly in one of the phone’s functions. The image fracture happens in camera, with various degree of drama, and is revealed only after the fact. There are no creative manipulations in post processing beyond minor exposure adjustments, contrast and sharpness.


My main goal in so doing is to concretize the unease of our lives.

CLAUDE DeBACKER - Hidden Wisdom
8" X 8" - $200
CLAUDE DeBACKER - Maybe, Maybe Not
8" X 8" - $200
9.66" x 13.22" - $350
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