Professional Women Photographers Exhibitions
Professional Women Photographers Exhibitions
American Album My NYC Dreamscapes

Fredda Gordon


I am a photographer, graphic designer and all around creative person. My favorite thing is to combine these skills to create collages that share my feelings of love, beauty, frustration, excitement and more with the world. Through the strong relationship between striking visuals, words, graphic elements, textures and colors, something bigger emerges. All the images I use are photographs I have created and are generally the inspiration behind the work. Each creation tells its own story in sometimes abstract and sometimes literal ways. 

The works in this show include Bonjour, Creation and Worlds Collide. Each one can be interpreted in many different ways and I invite you to share your interpretations with me through email or social media. To give a little start, I can share a bit about each. "Bonjour" started with a photograph of delicious meringue cookies photographed and eaten on a trip to Paris, France. "Creation" started with the idea of how we box life into a pretty picture. "Worlds Collide" looks at divisiveness. The two sides are similar, yet the place where they meet is in flames.

FREDDA GORDON - Eisenbergs Diner
10" x 8" - $200
10" x 8" - $200
15.36" x 11.52" - $840
16" x 10.67" - $840
FREDDA GORDON - Worlds Collide
13.33" x 11.11" - $840
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