Professional Women Photographers Exhibitions
Professional Women Photographers Exhibitions
American Album My NYC Dreamscapes

Jennifer G. Hughes


As an artist I like to play around with the scale, perspective, and context of an image. By altering these elements, an ordinary object can shed its old “self” and assume a new identity.  A common birch tree becomes a nimble dancer in mid-leap through its slender trunk and delicate branches. A pile of rusty scrap metal transforms into a magnificent sculpture. A tiny insect emerges as a larger than life creature dominating the frame.


Einstein once said that the distinction between past, present, and future is not a fundamental feature of reality, but rather a “stubbornly persistent” illusion. They are all happening at once, as opposed to linear fashion.


I explore this theory visually by incorporating images of the past into my modern photographs, joining them together as if to capture one real moment in time.


Throughout this process, I disturb the balance of proportion, logic and familiarity to create a visual dissonance and sense of the surreal.


With every image I capture, I offer a story to the viewer. Whether you are seeing your own story in it or bearing witness to mine, you enter into a dynamic exchange. It’s this exchange that drives me to create, to explore, and to uncover…

8.77" x 5.86" - $250
7.79" x 6.25" - $300
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