Professional Women Photographers Exhibitions
Professional Women Photographers Exhibitions
American Album My NYC Dreamscapes

Rain Bengis


I am an art photographer who has been taking photos for over forty years. My first photography teacher taught me that photographing is a celebration of life. His words remain with me today as I continue to explore my surroundings looking for the moment when the subject becomes transcendent, when the commonplace reveals its unique beauty or grandeur. It may be the interplay of light and form, or it may be discovering a tiny aspect of the whole that reveals something new to me. I know when the moment is right because I experience it viscerally.


By working with photoshop tools to enhance images I achieve a painterly quality that adds further expression to the photo, without changing the original composition.


My work has been shown in many group and individual exhibits in NYC galleries (See my website for listings).  My latest series In the Carwash is spotlighted on the Professional Women Photographers blog site (

BENGIS RAIN - Space Car Handle
15.33" x 9.83" - $400
BENGIS RAIN - I'm On the Right Track
15" x 11.39" - $400
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