Professional Women Photographers Exhibitions
Professional Women Photographers Exhibitions
American Album My NYC Dreamscapes

Regina Wypych


Regina Wypych is a modern Polish American artist from a traditional Polish family. Her mother is an engineer first woman to acquaint her to the world of Art. Her father is a distinguished chartered chief marine engineer who travelled around the world, understood the importance of traveling and how impactful it is to any young child’s future development. He influenced her significantly to travel internationally to understand different cultures and enjoy its vast natural beauty.


One day she asked herself who she wanted to be, and the answer came very easily to her – she wanted to be a creator and that led her to her freedom and her creative path.


As a young girl she was introduced to all walks of culture and art, also being able to travel around the world early in her life inspired and evolved her as a thoughtful artist.


She developed her inspiration from the rhythm of classical music, natural serenity from around the globe and famous artists.


She loves to capture the beauty of the people and beautiful magical places.


Her work is divinely inspired from her soul that represents peace, natural tranquility in the most simplistic way.


Her talent is a gift from God and the best way to inspire others.


My dream is world peace. Peace is a vision and it can be achieved in any gloomy condition.


“Mystic Dream“

When I came here it was as if I had been associated with this place for a long time. I felt as if I was at home. The place seemed very close to my heart, and yet I was here for the first time. I felt like I'd lived here forever. There are such places on Earth that we feel such closeness.

REGINA WYPYCH - Creative Spirit
10" x 8" - $200
REGINA WYPYCH - Mystic Dream
11.35" x 16" - $1000
16" x 10.67" - $1000
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