Professional Women Photographers Exhibitions
Professional Women Photographers Exhibitions
American Album My NYC Dreamscapes

Terry Frishman


Through Pareidolia, Greek for 'false images' like a face in the moon, I see hidden-in-plain-sight stories and characters. Otherworldly landscapes and fantastical figures appear out of random, inanimate textures, patterns and objects.


My photographs trigger a second, deeper look at streets and trees, artificial and natural worlds. They celebrate what we often walk past, overlook or step on. Often ephemeral, they can change or disappear by a gust of wind or a person’s foot.


Given our divisive times of differing truths, realities and opportunities, my work intentionally captures and celebrates what exists around us as close to the original as possible. Therefore photos of unaltered street scenes are minimally-processed to make visible what we may have chosen not to notice before. Quality archival master printing techniques help make the ordinary more extraordinary, eliciting greater respect and worthiness for each subject. Three clues further amplify this intention: ‘Title’ suggests a way of seeing or feeling the imagery; ‘Source’ indicates location; ‘Elements’ identify important materials within the image.


This work has led me to discover and explore the free association of the early Surrealists, the dreamlike and emotive abstraction of Minor White and Alfred Stieglitz, and the found imagery of Aaron Siskind. All challenge the reality of and appreciation for what and how we see.


By opening our eyes and minds to seeing differently, we can suspend prejudgement and shift habitual perspectives.


Represented in KS & MO by Hilliard Gallery (Top 25 Gallery in US: The American Art Awards)
Nitza, 226 Columbus Avenue (70-71), NYC, T-Sun, noon-6:30pm, 2021-23 
Dreamscapes, Professional Women Photographers, April 4, 2022-2023
Creating Tomorrow, Art on The Avenue, April 8-June 8, 2022
8th International Call, RI Center for Photographic Arts, April 21-May 13, 2022
Live on TV in Hilliard Gallery - #1 Morning Show
In Kansas City Magazine Four Art Events You Should Not Miss... Pareidolia: Hidden in Plain Sight

"Floating Ophelia" | Source: NYC Street Puddle |  Elements: Water, Flower, Leaves, Asphalt, Cement

8" x 10" - $200
TERRY FRISHMAN - Hot Air Ballooning
10" x 8" - $200
TERRY FRISHMAN - Floating Ophelia
12" x 15" - $375
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